Along with all FOUR of his other sets at the Forest, Vibe Street reveals that he will be paying homage to one of his biggest inspirations at the silent disco:
With a grand total of 5 sets at Electric Forest, I wanted to take the time at one of them to honor the man that inspired me to get to this point. So, if you choose to join me at the Silent Disco Friday night at 11:30pm, I'll be playing a very special Pretty Lights Tribute Set that all PL heads will NOT want to miss. As always, all 4 of my other sets will be 100% original Vibe Street music: new, old, and never before heard, with no repeats. Hope to see you at all of them!
Since Pretty Lights will not be in attendance this year, this is huge for all  forest goers and fans to get their PL dose. Everyone is stoked to see what Vibe Street will pull out for this set and what kind of grasshop spin he will lay down on Derek's phat beats. This is an event that would be a huge shame to miss! Even though this set is special, all five of Vibe Street's sets are hugely anticipated this year and are guaranteed to get your booty bouncin'!