Today, SoDown releases his brand new single, “With You” featuring Moontricks and Carly Lynn, his follow up to “She Wanna” that was released in July 2017.

‘With You’ is a heartfelt fall tune about the feels you get when you are falling for someone and the role that music can play in bringing people together. - SoDown (Ehren Wright)

“With You” features the immense versatility of SoDown’s production stylings. With wobbling and soothing synths, uplifting melodic saxophone, and harmonious female vocals, all flawlessly intertwined, “With You” is an instant end-of-summer classic that should be on every Spotify Playlist.

Having just recently performed his debut at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado, Ehren Wright’s live shows bring to life an intimate sensory adventure through space and time. SoDown’s latest tracks include a wide array of musical talents, including his keen ear for sound design and production as well as his never ending dedication to organic instrumentation. Combining infinite influences, Wright describes his music as an endlessly evolving medley of many different genres, culminating in a uniquely diverse style of bass music.