Rebelution - Sky is the Limit (Official Manic Focus Remix)

Seeing as it's Thursday, I guess it's only fitting that I toss ya a track that isn't brand new, eh? This track isn't too, too old, but it was released August 1st of last year. Manic Focus remixed this track originally made by Santa Barbara's phenomenal band, Rebelution.  Although the original is absolutely wonderful, I much prefer the remix. This remix is in my top 5 favorite EDM remixes of  a reggae track, EVER. Seriously, it is so on point and beautiful, I cannot stress enough how much you are literally missing out on life if you have not let your ears indulge in it's unadulterated wonderful steeziness.

Seriously. Do yourself a big flavor. Check it out now if electrified reggae is yo thang. This may just be your new favorite song. Manic Focus is just a pimp and a half in general, but this song just about qualifies him as two whole pimps in one body. 🙂

Go ahead and enhance your life with this remix in t-minus 3, 2, ah fuggit. NOW.

Manic Focus Remix

Original Track by Rebelution

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