Michal Menert, many know him as The Godfather, or Snuffa, or even Meowchal. Whatever you want to call him, Menert is a master of his craft, and an innovator of modern music. His live shows are some of the most powerful sets I've witnessed, and to say that he sets the bar for a growing trend of incorporating soul and raw emotion into EDM is an understatement. Michal exudes the qualities of those rare brilliantly insane artists, he's a bit of a social media sensation, and his talents stem into many realms of the art world. I only hope the universe is ready for what he can deliver. The Menert Mafia is among the most tight knit and loyal fan bases out there. Michal keeps himself closely linked with his fans and that connection is undeniable during a live set. Menert's music has a way of relaying the emotions to the listener and weather it be a heavy or light feeling it gets that crowd deeply connected. Touring has been an instrumental component to his success. Successful shows in venues such as the world famous Brooklyn Bowl or his local legendary venue, The Fillmore also carried great meaning for the tour and for his career. From the Mafiosos to the new friends and fans who came out for Space Jazz, Menert's first national headlining tour, everyone was a part of PLM history. 2013 was a great year in music and development for Menert and 2014 is already shaping up to trump last year. Two albums on two labels on the horizon, supporting the GriZ tour, and banging out a music video all on the agenda so far. Lets keep our fingers crossed for festival season. If we are lucky maybe we'll get another headlining tour. While Michal is a seasoned musician and artist, he will never ceases to continue evolving, this may be one of the most exciting realizations in EDM. Not only will his own vision play out, but we will get to see his influence on the sounds of others. He’s also got a great eye for up and coming talent so be sure to check out all those Menert openers. For those that are paying attention, we can relate as we know just like ourselves, with Michal, the struggle is always real. Life isn't perfect but sometimes it's really awesome. Menert shares the emotional roller coaster of life with us and turns it to some funky fresh yet tragic beats. It's a comforting reminder that through life, love, heartache and of course music, a common bond is shared. Here's to keeping it real... DS: When do we get to see the video for "Your Ghost" and can we expect anymore videos anytime soon? MM: The video was recently finished, and will premier this month (march). I'm planning to continue making videos, because it's a great way to show an audience more about the story of the song. I waited this long to work on a video because I didn't have the money to execute something at the level that I wanted to. This is still a relatively inexpensive video, but the team I was working with knew how to make it look amazing and were also willing to put in time and energy that I didn't have to pay for. Daniel Goldhaber directed it and Drew Levin shot the piece, and we spent a number of long days and nights shooting in tough weather, pushing ourselves. One of the members of our filming crew rolled his car en route to an isolated location.. it was a rough but memorable journey. DS: I know your supporting Griz on his upcoming tour, are we getting another headlining tour in 2014? MM: I'm hoping for it. The trouble is finding a tour that works financially and getting a crew that keeps you sane, safe, and on point. I had that last fall with the Space Jazz Tour. I was so lucky to travel with my friends and have a team that was incredible. If i can get the routing, the offers, the team together for fall, I'll be out as long as I can. Hell, I would tour non-stop if I could. DS: You ready to rock the PLM tent for SnowBall? I would imagine its going to be full of surprises. Care to give us any hints on what to expect?? MM: I myself am unsure what's going to happen. We've all been brainstorming something special, and I think that Derek and the rest of our crew will deliver. I'm just excited that Derek will be a part of it. He's an amazing producer, performer, and friend, and I relish every chance I get to share the stage with him. DS: What was your favorite moment or memory from the Space Jazz tour? MM: I think my favorite moment was Brooklyn Bowl. It was packed, and Brooklyn is a very picky market. There's so much amazing talent in NYC, and so much going on, and I was really nervous it would be a small crowd that wouldn't feel it much. But the vibe in that room was hearty. I felt a great energy the whole set and was blown away by the crowd's reciprocation. DS: Can you tell us a little bit about your future with PLM/Super Best? MM: I've got two releases in the immediate future. The First being Elements EP, which is will be my first vinyl and is coming out on Super Best Records, an independent album focused label and collective of people who want to help each other out. The second release is my Space Jazz full length, which is coming on PLM and is going to be my best work to date. I think my involvement with Super Best has created the assumption that I'm leaving PLM, which is not the case at all. The two labels are focused on different things and SBR is in no way trying to go up against ANY label. I love the crews involved with both labels, and I think putting out 2 albums in a short span will show people that I'm not making a statement or trying to leave PLM by putting out things on vinyl through SBR. DS: You have had a number of awesome collabs with your friends and pretty much all of PLM. Who is a non PLM/EDM artist that you would love to work with? MM: I would love to work with Feist. She has an incredible voice and is one of my favorite songwriters around right now. DS: Less than 5 years ago you were working in a Walmart, do you ever revisit that store, and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?  MM: I have gone back several times. It's a good feeling to see how far you've come just by being in a place you worked. I think that in the next five years I'l be gravitating toward making more music for other people, producing albums not just by making beats but by helping artists get their ideas out. DS: What up and coming artist do you have your eye on? MM: I really like Artifakts, Late Night Radio, Krooked Drivers.. people who I know personally but also appreciate stylistically. Also Trophy Beats is coming with some great stuff right now. In the hip hop world I've been working with C1 of FoodChain and I've loved it. KeepLove? is also doing some really cool stuff that is going to turn heads. DS: Tell me a story about TUYPT... MM: The names of the songs reflect taking trains across Europe. A lot of the ideas and blueprints of the songs there were made on trains in Europe during a trip we took there in 2005. DS: Lets talk about your passion for food? What are your culinary inspirations and aspirations? MM: I've just pieced together meals over time from random ingredients I had when I was broke. Eventually I worked in different food industry positions and learned basic kitchen techniques, then started researching recipes and watching others cook. I want to open a restaurant of sorts sometime soon, something good, inexpensive, and open late night because denver's late night food scene isn't really there at all. DS: Lets talk about art, any big news on the art front this year for you? MM: Last year I had my first gallery showing. I've slowly started painting more, because it's a great outlet for creative energy, and it's not performance based. DS: Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans? MM: If you see me come say hi. I'm not hard to get to know, and I'd rather make a friend than just a fan.