Without a doubt, he is one of the fastest rising and most promising stars in the Electro-Soul scene. Marvel Years is the moniker of 21 year old breakout producer Cory Wythe. MY is based out of the North East and is currently dominating the scene. His ever increasing and demanding tour schedule is helping him to keep the locals on their toes, giving them a taste of that east coast flavor. MY has dropped some of the most raw and unique musical offerings the industry has seen in recent times. Not only does Cory produce his own material, he's also an extremely skilled guitarist. Showcasing his talents in his own live sets and among other projects such as collabs as The Manic Focus Live Band and many other exciting soon to be announced ventures. Integrating the live music aspect into the edm world is a steadily increasing trend and Cory is at the top of his game. Like a seasoned artist, MY is up to the challenge of keeping things new and exciting. Looking back at his accomplishments so far, it paints a crystal clear picture of his bright and exciting future. I'm sure Cory will provide an equally vibrant soundtrack fitting of what's sure to be an ever evolving musical journey. Wythe's debut live performance was opening for Pretty Lights' Color Map of the Sun record release in Boston in July of 2013. Setting the bar sky high from the get go, it only makes sense that since then MY has been slaying the touring circuit coast to coast, supporting such acts as GriZ, Gramatik. Earlier this spring MY opened 4 east coast tour dates on Break Science's latest NE tour alongside fellow up and comer Vibe Street. I was fortunate enough to join the tour for 2 of the stops, CT's famous Toad's Place which also played as a hometown show fellow opener Vibe Street, and the NYC stop where Cory was invited to jam onstage with Break Science at the legendary Webster Hall venue in Manhattan. With several remixes and original tracks dropping over the next couple months as well as new show announcements always on the horizon, we are nowhere near a shortage of upcoming awesomeness from MY. In addition to that, he tells me he is currently working on a new EP with 100% original material and no samples. Very exciting stuff. As previously mentioned, Cory is keeping pretty busy these days, billed on many of the popular festival lineups this summer, including Sonic Bloom, Farmfest and Catskill Chill. Check out marvelyearsmusic.com for tour schedules, free downloads and much much more. One of Cory's latest and greatest releases is a recap video from his recent House of Blues Chicago set. The recap dropped this week which features a still unnamed original track, and takes you on a day of stroll thru Cory's marvelous adventure from the street to the stage. Take a peep here below. Interested in what else we chatted about? Check out my artist interview with Marvel Years below. DS- When did you decide you were going to make music professionally and what are some of your musical inspirations? MY- I never had a goal to make music full time, it slowly started out as something I did to pass the time and it wasn't until I started getting booked for shows that I decided to take it a bit more seriously. Inspiration for my music comes from anywhere and everywhere in the most random moments, and when that happens I usually have to write down whatever i'm thinking so I don't forget it. Some big influences for my music are guys like RJD2, 9th Wonder, Gramatik, Nightmares on Wax and many others. DS- How has the surge in your career in the last few years affected your daily life? MY- I was attending college up until last year, and it came to the point of having so many shows booked that I had to choose one or the other, so that was a big turning point in my life. It definitely has made making music the number one priority day in and day out, which is something that I seriously enjoy doing so it is cool it worked out that way. DS- You tour schedule has become increasingly busy, what do you do with your free time off the road besides making music? MY- It depends on the day, if it is following a long night then I will try and relax but allot of the time it's spent hanging out with friends and checking out the cities that we are playing before the show and trying to find some good places to eat. DS- Do you plan to continue to incorporate guitar/live instrument aspects in your performances? MY- Always. I think people enjoy the live performance aspect of the show which makes it more exciting for them and for me as well. I think you can see a shift back into the realm of live instrumentation happing in the scene right now, and for me thats pretty exciting. DS- You've already had a number of great collabs within the electo-soul/edm community, outside of that, anybody in particular you would hope to work with? MY- It would be cool to work with people outside of the electronic scene, like for example I like making collabs with MC's and other musicians and then spinning those samples into my style of music. DS- Who are you currently listening to, any awesome musical recommendations? MY- I've been really digging FKJ and the Geek X VRV lately, also been digging on The Noisey Freaks and that latest Joey Badass album. DS- You've recently celebrated a big birthday, do you feel that your age has affected your career negatively or positively so far? Do you feel turning 21 will change things? MY- I don't think my age has had any real effect on my career, I have rarely hit any roadblocks in terms of being underage except for maybe one or two instances over the past year or so. I like being on the younger side because I get to learn from others who have been in the game a bit longer and therefore can apply what I've learned to help try and better myself and my career. DS- What are your overall musical aspirations and what can we expect in the future for Marvel Years? MY- I just hope that I can continue to make and play my music to people all over the country for as long as I can, it is something that I have dreamed of doing all my life and I couldn't picture myself doing anything else. Expect to hear more original music and more show announcements as well as maybe some collabs with some other artists that you are familiar with.