Gramatik's new badass music video for "Torture (ft. Eric Krasno)" is one of a kind. The story revolves around a 73 year old Gramatik (and his stuffed cat) who breaks out of an old people home after tasing a nurse. Little does he know, the "Evil Superior Nurse" is proficient with a sword and takes on the journey of gaining vengeance on runaway grandpa Gramatik. Throughout the music video, it is clear that future-Gramatik just wants to party and get down. The video was directed by Leo Marthaler and Alban Delachenal who said "We have been long time fans of Gramatik and every time we listen to his tracks, a debauchery of images just come in our mind. Some pretty sick ones we must admit. […] One night, after (too) many beers we wrote Gramatik on Twitter telling him just that: "We are making a badass music video for you, hope you gonna like it, cheers L&A." " A crowd favorite is the bar scene full of senior citizens . As you could have guessed, the filming of this was a hoot. The directors had to dance with them to loosen them up and even used real vodka. These old people clearly knew how to party a few shots in.. maybe a little too hard. According to Leo and Alban, a 76 year old extra in this scene was dancing and fell head first into the ground. She was evacuated to the hospital and, thankfully, made it out without serious injury. After 3 days of shooting and 6 months of work, Leo and Alban went back stage to present it to Gramatik in Switzerland. Obviously he loved it and it became the official music video. But really, who could say no to sword fighting nurses and bad ass old people? Free download of the video: More of Gramatik's beats: