Michal Menert released the 2nd single from his highly anticipated Space Jazz album, entitled "Everything Shines". The track is slightly less emotionally charged or hard hitting than we are used to hearing from him. Fans may however be pleasantly surprised with the menthol cool styling’s of Menert's latest release. "Everything Shines" exudes a sexy quality of old school jazz combined with the ultimately chill space vibes that will quickly grab the attention of your body and soul. A head nodding, finger snapping grooviness is where I immediately found myself. If this track is any indication of the tone of the rest of the release, we've got some super sexy smoothness coming for us and it can't get here soon enough. The hints of a new style from a fan favorite producer are both exciting and inspiring as we are given the opportunity to see an artist evolve while accepting the gifts of some magical new sounds. As always, all of Mic's music and tour info can be found his souncloud, bandcamp and of course michalmenert.com