Envision Festival in Costa Rica drops round two artist announcement!

At Envision, unlike so many other festivals, we don’t book the biggest headliners that will drive the biggest financial ROI, return on investment. Instead we diligently seek out a diverse and tantalizing array of world sounds and heart opening melodies that seek to drive another ROI, the one that we feel can help steer our planet in the right direct, “Ripple of Impact”. Peak live music experiences and a community bound by love, were undoubtedly the greatest catalyzing factors in my own journey. In order to maximize my own ripple of impact, I have personally dedicated my life to the craftsmanship of intentional adventures to nourish and cultivate growth on personal and communal levels. With a diverse appreciation for a wide variety of musical genres, my partners and I take special care to personally hand-select and schedule every act on this incredible lineup. The result is a potent experience and a heart-opening story where we guide you on a 4-day inspirational journey in the heart of Costa Rican paradise. One which we’re certain you will leave with a new appreciation for the way dance floors bring us together as music heals the soul.

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