Greetings from Colorado

Dear Steezy Pals: If you haven't yet heard that Colorado is the place to be when it comes to good people, beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, hot women, the dankest dank you have ever smoked, and most importantly, above all, BASS MUSIC of all shapes, sizes, and sub-genres -- it's time that you be enlightened. Eliot Lipp of Pretty Lights Music made this all-Colorado-based artist mix to showcase the glitch-ier side of what our Purple Mountain Majesty state has to offer. He didn't include each and every last one of them that are supremely talented (because there truly is such an abundance of amazing artists in all genres of bass music here), but have no fear --that's where I come in.  😉 This mix is about 43 minutes in length, and is titled "Greetings from Colorado." Better yet, you can download it for your own personal library for FREE. Please enjoy this mix du'jour -- compliments of the Mile High. Get you some groovy-steezy-funkiness in your life. XOXOXOXO Your Friendly Native Hipster Coloradoan, B-Wizzle. OXOXOXOX


Tracklist: All Eyes On You - Michal Menert & Break Science Some Purple - Two Fresh Basscraft (E.Lipp 30 secondz edit) - Samples Baby Makin Muzik - KAW aka Yung Phoenix aka Vic Mackie Wonder Why - Griz Can't stop the Blaze - Robotic Pirate Monkey Can't stop the Blaze (Samples Remix) - Robotic Pirate Monkey The Ride - Michal Menert In The Morning - Michal Menert Burn - Robotic Pirate Monkey Stay - Pretty Lights Stutter (TK Summer sweat Remix) - Joe Lifts me up - Two Fresh & Mosis Short Line - Pretty Lights Thinkin' Bout You (Ill-esha Remix) - Frank Ocean 12PM - Two Fresh You Say - Mosis

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