Krooked Drivers – Here and Now (Beat Tape) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

April 22nd, 2014 / by admin


Krooked Drivers, the Denver ,CO duo consisting of Maddy O’Neil and Donnie Dalbora, have just released a 10-track beat tape entitled “Here and Now“. Here’s what they have to say about their new release:

Since back in the day listening to our favorite 90′s hip-hop producers to beginning our own music production, the roots of hip-hop have been embedded into our souls. We’ve been working on a 10-track original Beat Tape “Here and Now” which is a reflection on the boom-bap drums and slick sample based music we’ve drawn inspiration from over the years. Huge thank you to Mux Mool for drawing up the original album art for this project and Joseph Sosa for enhancing it digitally. We also want to thank Super Best Records for the support and the big homie @borntown for helping with the mixing.

Click here for FREE download of Krooked Drivers – Here and Now!

Krooked Drivers | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Pretty Lights – Hidden Shades (Record Store Day Limited Vinyl Release) [FREE STREAM]

April 19th, 2014 / by admin

Pretty Lights - The Hidden Shades (Record Store Day Release)

Pretty Lights just released The Hidden Shades, four b-sides and more remixes from the Grammy nominated album A Color Map of the Sun. Released on vinyl as a limited edition Record Store Day release, the internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April. The full 8-track release is available here for your streaming pleasure! Give it a listen, and pick up one of the limited edition vinyl prints before they’re all gone!

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New Single from Zeds Dead – Hadouken [FREE DOWNLOAD]

April 17th, 2014 / by admin

Zeds Dead - Hadouken

DC and Hooks, the producer duo that we all know and love by the name Zeds Dead, released a brand new track today on Mad Decent. The track, Hadouken, was released to hype up their forthcoming EP release. This track is available for FREE download!

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Marvel Years – On My Side

April 8th, 2014 / by admin

Marvel Years - On My Side

Cory Wythe continues to impress us with each new release he puts out, and this time is no different! Marvel Years has done it again with a brand new single entitled “On My Side”. A preview of the track was featured last week in a recap video from a recent Denver gig he played. Today, this funky electro glitch hop masterpiece has been released for your streaming and downloading pleasure! This release comes just days after released news of the Retro Electro Tour featuring Marvel Years, Krooked Drivers, and MuzzY. If you see this tour coming to a city near you, you absolutely won’t want to miss it! Check out all of Marvel Years tour dates while you listen and download “On My Side”!

Click here for FREE download of Marvel Years – On My Side!

Marvel Years | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Beats Antique – A Thousand Faces – Act 2

April 8th, 2014 / by Alex Unger

Beats Antique - A Thousand Faces - Act 2

There exists in electronic music today, a series of never ending debates about how music is categorized with respect to specific genre. Thank goodness Beats Antique is here to show us that we don’t have to settle for just one topping on our sundae. Fresh off their last tour for A Thousand Faces – Act I, the Oakland-based trio wasted no time in releasing A Thousand Faces – Act II.  Act I was a new touch on the same seductive, mysterious harem anthems we have come to know and love, but Act II really gives the belly dancer horns, taking their renowned diversity to new extremes.

The album opens up with “Dragon’s Eye,” an epic and suspenseful track that uses powerful, choppy sections interlacing drums, horns and strings to grab your attention and hold on to it for dear life.

“Puzzle” is an upbeat blend of glitch sounds with that Antique flavor, reminding the listener to stay on their feet… dancing shoes will be required. The production is cutting edge and is blended perfectly with just the right amount of “antique.”

“Refusal” slows down the vibe, adding a refreshing change of pace and showing us the range of their creativity. Sorne delivers us a soft, somber ballad that is extremely moving.

“The Rift” picks up the pace in a storm of middle eastern mystery. As I listen, I can’t help but imagine myself being hustled through a Moroccan bazaar, in the company of belly dancers draped in silk.

“Awaken” is another example of the diversity in their music, with a soft yet inspiring simplicity. It is a captivating, violin-filled roller coaster that feels like a tale of loss and redemption.

Spirits are once again raised in “Roadworthy,” using some serious funk to remind you that you are most certainly not in Kansas anymore….this is not your everyday Beats album.

If you weren’t already on your toes…. “Clash” will throw you off the edge of your seat. It opens like a hip hop soundtrack to Sweeny Todd, but after incorporating some glitch, the drums hit hard and fast, leading into a screeching electric guitar reminiscent of Hendrix. It sounds and feels like a mix of vintage Zeppelin and Dick Dale’s “Misirlou” (the sample used in “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas)… obviously with that same Beats Antique flavor. The breakdown comes in their own form of weird suspenseful circus sounds, gradually bringing back the funk and the glitch. The guitar comes back in even harder, eventually leading us back into the hard and fast drums and the song’s ending. It is a ROLLER COASTER!

“Resurrection” is nothing less than a Beats classic; it is soft but also manages to receive the momentum of the album well, even in all its intensity. It captures perfectly the wide range of emotion put into all of Act II. As a single song, “Resurrection” is a metaphor for the whole album.

Many artists would call that a respectable close to an album, but this is Beats Antique! They added for us a last song, “Jumpin,” a fusion of swing and jazz that lives up to its title, because it will make you jump around like a flapper in the 1920′s.

A Thousand Faces Act II is truly a masterpiece. It is a testament to how far Beats Antique has come over the years, encompassing countless genres from many different time periods. Do yourself a favor, stream and download the album here!

Click here for FREE download of Beats Antique – A Thousand Faces – Act 2

Here is A Thousand Faces – Act 1, the first half of Beats Antique’s two part concept album:

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